Time Management

This poem came from my past when I’ve failed to meet deadlines or show up on time. It can be taken as one would wish but the end is actually a little twist.

Time Management

I was due to spend some time with my friend
Played just one more game, when time did bend
He called me saying that he just couldn’t wait
That game was the reason I was a little too late

My license expired, due at the DMV
I rather enjoyed watching the TV
Ticket in hand said don’t procrastinate
The TV caused me to be little too late

Due out the door and in my shoes
I decided instead to have a little snooze
My boss told me I wouldn’t be paid
Naps were to blame, I was little too late

Perhaps there was a common cord
An issue spanning the entire board
Digging deep hoping to see
I found the root cause was actually me

Resolved to set aside wants and desires
I set the course from my inner mire
Never again to be a little to late
Steadfast I left to meet my other fate

Every part of my world changed that day
In every single conceivable way
I don’t have the time to explain which I rue
As right now there is somewhere else I am due

© Ryan Mathisen


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