Smoldering on the job (Part Two)

Burnout at work is often inevitable. As most proffessionals will tell you, even in your dream job there will be aspects of it that do not agree with you. Those disagreements build up and create burnout as I described a well as I could (though a bit convoluded) in my previous post.

So what can you do about burnout at work? To begin with there are the obvious answers. Working for the weekend and vacation time are the easiest solutions. Time away will always allow you to refresh and rejuvinate your mind. Yet what if you are just starting the work week and there isn’t a vacation in sight?

Time to be creative.

I used to work as a cashier in a Fred Meyers when I was younger. After the novelty of learning the computers and scanning each item I often grew bored of my position. After seeing my coworkers who had worked at that same job for twenty or more years I knew I needed to do something to keep from turning out in a similar way. I had been practicing for a play at school and one day I decided to speak in a British accent the entire day. I had a fantastic time and many customers would ask me where I was from.

While it isn’t always obvious what you can do without crossing any lines at your job, there is always a way out. It can sometimes be as simple as creating a ‘lunch theme’ for you and your coworkers, assigning different names for everybody. It can also be as complex pretending to be somebody completely different.

Regardless of where you work, between vacations and weekends the best way to prevent burnout is to change it up one way or the other. Do something differently and that is the easiest cure.


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