Nothing but ashes in your free time (Part 3)

Being the final part of this series of posts on burnout this also happens to be one that I am rather passionate about. Very few things rank higher on my list of frustrations than no longer enjoying a hobby or pastime because I spent too much time doing it.

It’s worse than losing your phone, more shameful than performing poorly and worst of all you don’t even realize it until you’ve already given up.

I’ve always admired those who could ‘stick to it’ people who devoted their time to something they loved and got something back from it. When I picked up writing I met a wall, in games of strategy I was out thought, in feats of skill I never made the grade. Even shortly after tackling this concept in my introspection I nearly saw it happen again.

After these fires put out my dreams I’ve finally realized why its been happening. Simply put I forgot each and every time why I enjoyed it in the first place. I enjoyed writing because I liked the idea of being able to tell a story. When I got to the point at which I stopped being an author I had forgotten my desire to weave a story. The obstacles with writing caused me to focus on the difficulties over the end result.Likewise I also managed to get burnt out of exercising. I knew that I wanted the end result, but as the repetition came about I could no longer see my desire to be in shape.

The way I see it the two biggest issues that make you forget your desires are repeating the same action, or becoming overwhelmed by obstacles. Just knowing this isn’t enough, it’s important to know what to do about it.

Now if I had the answer to that I would be have accomplished much more in my life. Yet I can say simply that stepping back from your task will give you the best insight. The phrase stop and smell the roses is actually rather accurate. If you don’t stop and take a good hard look at why you want to do these things it’ll be easy to forget why you started them in the first place.


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