Personification of Time

If Time Walked Among Us

If time walked among us would we treat it the same?
Would we kill it, misuse it and play the same games?
Or perhaps would we take a different approach?
Promote it to boss, hero, or coach?

If I had the chance to make time my friend
I’d honor it well, it’s wounds I would mend
From all of the terrible things it has heard
All of the curses, the insults and words

Time never seems to make the grade
As we always want it to run our way
When life is good and we’re having fun
Time moves too fast for anyone
Yet when life turns sour, we change our tune
Time can’t pass us a moment too soon

Despite our ever changing position
Time continues with its mission
Always moving, never stops
Giving context to our thoughts

Time is not the one to blame
The fault is ours, it is our shame
Time continues on and on
We regret what is now gone

If for just a moment, time was alive
We may not change, but at least we’d try
No longer refusing to give time it’s due
Perhaps even moving our blame to whats true
Most ignore what time has wrote
Leaving time as their scapegoat
The choice is yours how you respond
You can treat time right, or sadly wrong


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