Miserable Weather

Since I started blogging and found I rather enjoyed it, I searched my house for a journal to use when I am not near a computer. I found one and I also found many of my old poems. I plan on slowly adding them in with the new ones I will continue to write. I believe this blog will be mostly poetry with a little bit of introspection. Ironic since I had intended it the opposite way. This poem has a similar concept to the last so I figured I would start here.

Weather Never Better
Ping, pong, pat
These are the sounds the rain makes that
Will, not, end
There’s nothing you can do to send
This rain, a-way
I assure you that it’s here to stay
The dull and gray, the gloomy blues, Oh dear sun, how can I live without you

Bright, sun, shine
I remember when you were mine
You, never, made
The colors of my life to fade
With, your, light
Always I could use my sight
The doom and gloom, a hidden moon, Oh dear sun, how can I see without you

Clouds, they, part
Blue comes through and it’s a start
To, turn, around
This miserable day that I have found
It, chases, away
The darkness here, the gloom and gray
The light shines through, full of hope, Oh dear sun, how did I live without you

Dry, hot, heat
The sun has come and now I see
I, was, wrong
I miss the rain’s gentle song
Beams, every, where
The sun it feels a need to share
The light’s too bright, the heats too much, Oh dear rain, why did I ever doubt you


© Ryan Mathisen


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