Life’s View

Seeing Our Reason For Being

Trees part, the view is clear
Before us lies the reason we’re here
On a wonderful, amazing scale
Life makes sense, we cannot fail

Called back we return to our jobs
While working away life seems to lob
Hundreds and thousands of little distractions
“Only a moment,” each one is asking

By the time we’ve heard them all
Sleep is needed, beyond nightfall
When we wake the view is there
It seems to shrink, we must beware

Back to life, our focus strong
We will ignore the siren’s song
The air buzzing, we feel we’re missing
We give an ear for a little listen

This just in, breaking news
Two more died in nature’s monsoon.
These lives cut down before their time
Our view now grew another two vines

That night we try to get some rest
Two winks an hour, we wake a mess
Our view is small with the morning’s light
We pay no heed, wrapped in life’s plight

Determined to solve the problems of life
We’re met by violence, famine and strife
Our actions seem to have little effect
The troubles of life, in us reflect

Confused we are filled with doubt
Does good exist? Our conscious shouts
Questions like these, fill our minds
We look at our view, see what we’ll find

Nothing is there, we swear it was here
These vines grew up from our worries and fears
Lost is the sight of our beautiful display
Our reason for being, our one only way

Taking charge we cut down the vines
Restoring again our view in time
Vowing to always keep it maintained
As purpose always trump life’s pains

The process repeats every once in a while
Continually adding vines to the pile
Never giving in, we stay steadfast each season
Life is too short, we must not lose our reason

© Ryan Mathisen


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