For my wife… neglected sometimes

To my wonderful wife who often I forget is simply amazing

Love Strong

I wake to the sight of my wife by my side
Sleeping soundly, you are my guide
For seeing the beauty in everyday life
How can I forget you, my wife?

Glad to be home after a very long day
I’m greeted by you and near me you stay
Hearing me out with all my complaints
How can I forget such a listening saint?

Angered and grinding my teeth like a file
Frustrations melt when met by your smile
Brightening even the darkest of times
How can I forget your smile which is mine?

Your lips touch mine in a loving way
Time stops for now, it has no say
Eternity condensed in little kiss
How can I forget what I sorely miss

Faded I can not fathom
Fathom how I’ve forgot
Forgot a love so filling
Filling and never flawed
Flawed for I am famed
Famed my love has faded

My love for you still remains strong
Though hidden by life as it goes along
My love for you continues to grow
Though sadly that is not always shown
My love for you will never cease
Though at times it may appear as weak

On occasion I may forget why
I will always love you never is a lie

The very best in our lives we easily forget
Undeserved treatment we later regret
Which is why forgetfulness must be repressed
By little reminders of the love I express

© Ryan Mathisen


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