A poem about society

Concerned Citizen

Society is what troubles me
Many things I do not see
I wonder who is causing pain
Who’s at fault,  who’s to blame
Wishing to give just a look
In my dreams it suddenly took

Before me stands a little sign
Please wait here, stand in line
The line itself is rather bare
So I pass through the door without a care

My feet repeat on the stolen floor
Built on the guilt from those before
Stained are the panes of glass on each side
Hiding, disguising and shrouding their lies

The path is met by a massive screen
Expensive far beyond anyone’s means
Moving, the screen displays a face
Speaking for those who own this place

Claiming to speak the truth – already proven moot
Claiming to have our back – support is what we lack
Claiming to follow through – the agenda, not with you
Claiming they’re all we need – it’s eyes filled with greed

Who are you, I ponder those eyes
Why do you continue to spread these lies

Are you the government taxing it’s people
Building a personal, private steeple
Are you the values society holds
Contradicting, riddled with holes
Are you the Hippocrates lining the streets
Perhaps the strong oppressing the weak
Or even the proud ignoring the meek

The figure responded, only one word
Leaving nothing to be inferred
An answer which was not preferred
The thought to me just seemed absurd
Ending my dream the moment I heard

It say yes

© Ryan Mathisen


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