Back on Track

Wow, has it really been almost half a year since I’ve updated this blog? That was never my intention.

When I started blogging I wanted to be different. I wanted to publish content that was actually new, posts that would make people think. Specifically I wanted to share my poetry. Then in September I left my job at the lumber yard in favor of a more flexible schedule as an Electrician’s Apprentice. At the same time I started back up at school. I figured that I would be able to trade off the down time I had at the lumber yard with writing poems during class hours, but I was sorely mistaken.

I didn’t want to give up, so I kept mulling around ideas and writing some poems, but I never finished any of them. Since I didn’t have the time to sit down and analyze my work I felt it was incomplete. My lack of completed work sapped me of the motivation to continue writing. I had dreams that my blog would be perfect, and everything in it as well.

That was until I stumbled upon this post.

It was a wake up call.

I realized that perfection is an often unobtainable ideal that we set before ourselves. Reading this decided to get me back on track. I’m very thankful for Judy’s post as it helped me realize that I would never achieve the level of perfection I set out for myself.

A new beginning. This time, I’m going to put myself out on this blog. Who I am, both through my poems and my struggles. I’m not going to hold myself to an update schedule until I am confident I can juggle my life.(Who knew a full time job, a full load at college and a wife with a one year old son would take so much time) I also realized that limiting my blog to my posts was rather selfish. I’m not the only one who can write poetry and from now on I would like to share the works of other aspiring artists when I can.

Well, time to get started. If anyone still checks this, which I doubt, wish me luck.


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