Waiting Out Winter Storms

This is a poem I wrote for my son. Inspired by some terrible storms we have here.

Waiting Out Winter Storms

What am I to do, with a boy such as you?
What am I to say when you want to have your way?
When will you quit, throwing your little fits
And fighting your naps, though your strength has been sapped

You want to go outside but I can’t imagine why
The rain it’s pouring down, there are puddles all around
The wind is blowing fierce, every hole it seems to pierce.

It’s cold beyond belief, and there seems no relief
Where are you to go, when the sky is filled with snow
So we’ll bundle up nice and warm, as we wait out the winter storm

Just you and me and we, and mom makes it three
Together we will be, a happy family
With nothing left to do, we’ll nap the afternoon
Rest our weary eyes as we look out at the sky


© Ryan Mathisen


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