The Song of Life

This is the poem I used to propose to my wife. I told her I was going to be late comming home from a trip due to a ‘layover.’ Before I left I had carved the poem into a slab of wood with a wood burner. With the help of friends, they led her to the spot where the poem was hiding along with me a little further along. I constantly struggle with things I would change about it, but I realize that life is never perfect and I am happy with my married life. If given the choice I would do it the same again.

The Song of Life
Life is hard to know, order hard to find
Chaos feels all we have, seething through our minds
Understanding life is simple, yet few try very long
Contemplate long enough, you’ll see everyone has a song

Songs make or break us, defining who we are
With them they bring order, or else chaos isn’t far
These songs are our callings, chosen by God himself
Each song is different, each individually felt

You are no exception, you’ve a purpose too
God has given you these songs, no matter what you do
Your songs do works in me, no other song has done
They inspire others too, I’m not the only one

All of us have much to sing, our purpose incomplete
Through our lives we choose our path, we live with what we keept
I encourage you to choose, what God has planned for you
It brings a reason to live, knowing your life is true

However both our songs have yet to be sung
Songs sound better as we
So I ask, Alyssa Marie Young
Will you marry me?


© Ryan Mathisen


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