Needs Unseen

This poem is to my wife, my best friend and the love of my life.

Needs Unseen

In the search for my soul-mate

I use my list to judge a date

As this is who my life I’ll share

I must ensure the perfect pair


Is she rather pretty?

Then perhaps she’ll be fitting

Is she kind and sweet?

Then my family she will meet

Is she strongly driven?

Then a ring will be given

Is she quite well read?

Then she’s the one I’ll wed

Is she modest and wise?

Then we’ll enjoy our lives


Now that I am married to

The girl of my dreams

My list is not important

Nor the traits it deems


For what I love I never thought

Would be the traits I truly sought


The way she keeps me honest

When I’d rather lie

Keeping me from the dark

When I’d rather cry

Making me tend to today

When I’d wait til tomorrow

Ensuring that I return

When I forget I’ve borrowed

Bringing me beyond my walls

When I’m cozy in my zone

Always giving me the strength

When I confront the unknown


While my wife is certainly pretty

Smart, thoughtful and witty

My favorite trait is she meets my needs

The needs that I would have never seen

© Ryan Mathisen


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