Pay me for being me

I have to give credit before I begin. I would have never attempted to create a poem specifically for ‘slam poetry’ or ‘spoken word’ except for my brother in law Seth. He challenged me to do slam poetry, and so I took him up on his offer. Also, I was similarly inspired by a fellow poet, David Laing. He posted the audio for one of his poems and it made me realize how much is lost in the written version of a poem from what is made in one’s mind.

Which you can find here

This idea came out of a joke in which I would always tell people that I do not need to figure out what I am doing with my life rather just figure out how to get people to pay me to be me. So this is my first piece of spoken word which I felt it came out quite well. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the matter.

Here is the link to the audio. I need a better microphone so it may be a little quiet.

Paid for Being Me

It’s a common question, what are you going to do –
with the future you have set out before you
You’ve got a job, but certainly not a career
So the question is, where do you go from here?

I, I have it all laid out, I don’t even need to try.
No effort required, and I’ll tell you why
I’ve got quite the talents, though I’m not sure what they are
Though however they’ll surely get me far
All I need is for someone important to see
What I’ve got and pay me for being me.

So I’m selling shares in me, at twenty five bucks a pop
I’m headed for the top and I’m not going to stop
You really should invest in me, there isn’t a better choice
I’m bound to strike it rich when the world hears my voice
Every breath of mine should be money in my pocket
When the time comes I’ll be able to mock it
This life that I’ve got, its so undeserved
I’m working for a living, but have you not heard?
I’m something special, no else like me
If you want a look, just simply pay the fee
See right now I’m undiscovered
I’m undercover
I’m living life for free
I just need to find somebody who’ll pay me for being me

That time is soon I’m sure of it. It’ll happen any day
Someone will come along and this is what they’ll say
I can’t believe you’ve gone through life
No one knownin’ your name
For I can see it in you
I know you’re destined for fame

So that in mind I’ll keep my job
Doesn’t matter what it pays
I’m bound to be discovered
It’ll happen any day


© Ryan Mathisen


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