Unrest on Both Sides

I had originally intended the enter this poem into a contest until after I wrote it and realized I was not eligible for the contest. It is written to give voice to the conflicts we have in this world where the line between freedom fighter and terrorist becomes increasingly blurred.

Unrest on Both Sides

As the government we look after our people

We always want our country to have the greatest future

Some citizens claim to be deprived of their voice

What would happen to tradition if we were to change?

If we disregard our past is anyone truly free?

We must respect the past or else our culture is lost


As citizens we bemoan that our rights are lost

Our government does not watch after it’s people

They can say what they want but we are not truly free

If this opression continues there will only be a bleak future

It is our duty for everyone to urge some manner of change

We need a difference to be able to express our voice

We shall make a difference and find our voice

Tell those in power that support for their rule has been lost

We will cry out for swift significant changes

Plead that the government will finally listen to it’s people

We look ahead at what could be a brighter future

We dream of a day when from oppression we will be freed


Our citizens continually cry out to be freed

They are entirely ignoring tradition’s voice

We are increasingly uncertain in our murky future

If their unreasonable demands are met then all is lost

These protesting are selfish, ignoring the whole people

We’d cause disaster if we made the slightest change

We’ve explained our position but they refuse to change

These terrorists claim they’re fighting to be free

Those protesting have declared war on our country

Their scourge is tainting the countries voice

We will do whatever is required to ensure our future


We are not terrorists, fight for freedom and a future

We will do whatever is required to ensure change

Our hope for a peaceful transition is lost

As long as the government is in power we won’t be free

We fight so we will not have an opressed voice

Our eventual victory will be one for all people


How can one know the correct voice, which one fights for the people?

The senseless violence must change, before too many lives are forever lost

This price is too high for any future, This must not be the price to be free

© Ryan Mathisen


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