Always Greener

It’s been over a month since I made my last post. It’s amazing how life can keep you busy. I’m not planning on abandoning this blog any time in the future, but I certainly anticipate hiatuses to occur on occasion. If you are still reading my blog after my absences I hope you enjoy my work.

I feel this poem needs no explanation as it readily speaks for itself.

Always Greener

The grass is greener over yonder
I take no time to sit and ponder
Towards the other lawn I wander
A greener lawn would quench my thirst
For my lawn I am sure must be cursed
This lawn is for sale and I don’t know why
Is this not what all are looking to buy?
The owner warns me, but I pay no heed
This lawn takes work, it has many needs
I simply nod as he tells me to weed
Everyday day this lawn must feed
And to keep it green I need to seed
A day has passed since my purchase made
My brand new lawn has begun to fade
No longer does it shine like jade
My old lawn never seemed this gray
I will no longer hastily wander
Instead, readily sit and ponder
For the grass was never greener over yonder


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