Trading Moods

|Trading Moods|

I should quit life, no really its true
I’m sad, depressed and a loser too
I’m not successful, I never have been
I’m failing at life and I can’t seem to win

As your conscience I really must say
That life does not have to be this way

My conscience you’re right, what a cruel fate
That I have this life while others are great
While I’m sitting here sad and depressed
Others are out there enjoying the best
That life has to offer, so why even try
To say that I’m happy would be but a lie

That’s not what I meant, you misunderstood
You could make your life better, you really should

I’ve reached for the stars dozens of times
I tried writing poetry but I just can’t rhyme
I worked in construction
But was fired for destruction
When learning conduction
Couldn’t fathom induction
So I tried selling suction
But I’ve got no seduction
I even tried instruction
But it took little deduction
To find that I was not qualified
Which brings me back to the question of why
Why should I try in this miserable life
When every day brings more pain misery and strife

I.. see your point, maybe you’re right
Maybe there is no hope in this life

Hope in this life, maybe that’s it,
Maybe there’s a reason for me not to quit
What if life is more for the journey
Instead of a reason to constantly worry
Maybe success is determined within
Rather than based on societal whims
Perhaps happiness is of one’s choosing
Without such a thing as winning or losing
I suppose all this time I’ve had it wrong
And the truth has been here, all along

Why does it matter where happiness is found
As you’ve shown me, there is clearly none around

When I was with my family and friends
I wished those moments would never end
Surrounded by those I hold dear
Entirely happy, no worrys or fears
Maybe that’s the hope in this life
And everything might just be alright

You can have your hope, but you will see
Eventually you’ll be back to misery

My conscience, that’s quite a lie
To succeed in life you have to try
If you don’t try and strive for the best
You’ll only ever be sad and depressed
A little effort could make this life great
We could design and control our fate

Regardless of fate, as your conscience I’ve failed
I have no hope, my ship has sailed

I’m sorry  that you’re rather down
But as I’ve been saying there’re no reason to frown
You may be down, but I’m quite alive
And ready to get out and give living a try


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