Peace Among Chaos

Peace Among Chaos

At peace with one’s self
Letting the trifle troubles of this life fall from my weary soul
Like the leaves of a burdened tree during a crisp autumn breeze
I am completely content, so very relaxed and
I think I locked my keys in my car.
That doesn’t matter, as I was saying, I am completely content
and I definitely locked them in the car, wonderful.

I have these deadlines to meet
and appointments to keep
and now I’ve gone and turned my car
into an impenetrable fortress of delay
Though it’s not like I’d get very far
Since the rest of the day will be this way

Nor has the rest of my life been much better
In fact, actually it’s been a whole lot wetter
Whenever I want to stay nice and dry
Rain will suddenly pour from the sky
Drenching my plans, figuratively speaking
Nothing is easy, whatever I’m seeking

I took a class to find some peace
But it’s only given me major grief
How am I supposed to find my peace
when that’s the thing of which I have the least

and the moments in which I have nothing to do
Are moments which I eventually rue
I should have spent the time getting things done
and maybe, just maybe I’d have time for some fun

but that never happens, my list just gets longer
and taking a moment to breathe just seems wrong or
if I even try, I never succeed
I always have somewhere that I need to be

I put off so much for this foolish class
trying to find some peace that would last
I put off so much, and I have nowhere to go
At least until the locksmith shows

I should start by planning whats next
So I don’t have a moment to regret
Or I could take the time that life has given me
I think I may have just had an epiphany

I’ve been passively pursuing time to relax
Thinking when I’m done, I’d get it at last
But this time I’ll take charge with a minute or two
And enjoy this time with nothing to do

I’ll probably regret this decision later
but for now I’m at peace and to that I’ll cater


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