Dwarf Bear Day

Dwarf Bear Day

I’m sittin’ with a dwarf and an elf by my side
And the dwarf’s looking stout while the elf’s trying to hide
See we got this issue, a problem you’d say
There’s this big old bear who’s been blocking our way
So I say to the guys its just one bear
Why do you all look so frightfully scared
Soon after those words left my mouth
The whole situation went straight down south
See the bear stood up over eight feet tall
and it beared its teeth, but thats not all
Deep, within, its crazy black eyes
Shined some red so I looked to the guys
and I smiled a bit, said I had a plan
I can do this, I know I can
So I picked up a rock and threw it at the bear
and it struck its eye right in there
I said critical hit it must be dead
but then those eyes turned deep, deep red
and it stared me down, roared quite loud
We turned to run but the dwarf stood proud
The elf and I ran away with an awful sound
That of a foolish dwarf hitting the ground
We ran straight to the edge of a river
Shaken and scared we could only quiver
He was after us, lumbering fast
We had to jump or we would not last
So we jumped the ravine, and rolled our checks
and we barely survived by the skin of our necks
We turned and stared, white as rice
The bear close behind rolled his dice
Critical failure! He rolled all ones!
Fell to his death! That bear was done!
So the elf and I went on our way
and now remember it as dwarf, bear, day


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