Facing Life

Facing Life

I feel ready for what I am to do

My life’s prepared me as if I knew

What skills I’d need for this specific event

And now I’m perched on the edge of a fence

Ready to jump and take that step

Towards the unknown, into the depth


But when I glance down and the ground can’t be found

My confidence is lost, instead doubt surrounds


Why should I be the one to face the unknown?

When I can’t be sure if I’m prepared.

What want or desire for this have I shown?

Does it even matter if I’m scared?


I’m terrified that I will not succeed

That I’ll get a pamphlet that I can not read

But somehow I’m here despite my fears

To be strong is to act when fear is near

So regardless of fear I will take the leap

Brave the unknown, and face the deep


I’ll always tell myself

That it’ll be too rough

That I’m not up to snuff

That I can’t be that tough

That I’m not good enough

That I don’t have the stuff

But, I’ll always end up wrong

For after all, I’m truly strong.






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