I might be indecisive

I’d guarantee it if I knew

My time to decide though

Is certainly overdue


I’m not sure if I should work

Or should I stay home sick

I’ve got a nasty cough

But I’m not sure it’ll stick


This indecision has me flustered

Or maybe I’m quite calm

Am I ranting in this streets

Or just collecting alms?


I’m not always indecisive

I think I can take a stand

Are peaches better fresh

Or sweeter when they’re canned?


What is sweet anyhow?

How can you really know?

Is this sweet I am tasting

Or just a magic show?


The truth can be elusive

What you see may not be right

Your values while important

To another may be trite


I think I’ve made a choice

Nothing can be known

I think I’m sure of that

Decision has been shown


I wasn’t sure I’d overcome

Indecision anytime soon

I’m still not sure, but this I know

Doubt will always have room





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