To Be Great

To Be Great

I know I’m missing what it takes

To live life and be known as great

To stand up to any challenge

Make waves, move mountains

To win hearts and be adored


To lead people, own a cause

Or rock the boat, brave the storm

Rejecting the status quo

But I’m missing something I just know


I’m not the smartest in the land

Truth be told I’m just a man

But if brains alone made a man great

Then all who are great would share this trait

Which is quite frankly not the case


And I’m not the most gifted in strength or skill

My efforts to be gifted amount to nil

But to be great on the basis of these traits alone

Would be like a race won by an unmoving stone


To be great is to always pursue your dreams

No matter how unachievable they may seem

To press on no matter what keeps you down

No matter how convincing discouragement sounds


So what is it that makes a man great?

Its not what you’re born with, but what you make

Perhaps then I’m missing not a thing

And my greatness will be what I bring

My legacy will consist of what I make

And I’m determined to make it great


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