Trouble Creating

Trouble Creating


Ever seen your muse at a terrible time?

Inspired to write, you know every line

But you can’t stop to write so you miss your chance?

Then later you recall the thought you had

You take a pen to paper but it just sounds bad


Ever had a thought you can’t put to words

And whenever you try it just sounds absurd

So you’re stuck repeating this awful dance

Where you try to articulate, but to no avail

Which brings to mind your idea each time you fail


Ever had a wall erected in your mind

No matter what, no idea can you find

Mulling over nothing, you’re stuck in a trance

Then strangely as it came, it’s suddenly gone

Ideas flowing freely as if nothing was wrong


Ever had any of this happen to you?

Or is it just me?

I finally got a decent microphone which means I’m going to start posting readings of my poems with each poem. When I figure out how to do embedded audio I will. I hope you enjoy the poetry as much as I enjoy writing it!

Farital’s reading of Trouble Creating


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