There is deep meaning behind the keys on a ring

Much more than that which we typically cling

You must look far beyond your usual things

For both the good and the bad keys can bring


They can stand for travel

As keys to operate a car

Surely will get you far

Across pavement, dirt or gravel


They can stand for security

As keys to lock and secure your home

Let you feel safe leaving it alone

Peace of mind, in all it’s purity


They can stand for passwords

As keys to your online personalities

Gives you control over your digital realities

Who you are in the virtual herd


They can stand for importance

As keys to protect one’s personal possessions

Shows their value with no verbal confessions

Revealing priorities with but a glance


Though keys have other meanings they hide

Possessing a dreadfully sinister side


Keys stand for unpleasant truths

Representing fear and lack of trust

Saying that we know there’s a thief among us

Adults included, it’s not just the youths


Keys grant us access, but first they deny

Taking away what they’re pretending they gave

Granting us access only if we behave

Revoking it suddenly with no reason why


Keys are enablers for wicked deeds

Hiding their offenses when the doors are closed

What goes on inside nobody knows

But the law is not something they heed


Keys are a product of a tragic history

They only exist because people have jeopardized life and property

Otherwise we wouldn’t need to exercise such a restricted monopoly

Why we can’t change from our past is a mystery


Keys, blessing or curse, which one is true?

That answer is decided entirely by you

Take a moment and think it through

What do keys really mean to you?


With my new position I use keys every day which is what inspired this poem.

I plan on updating this post with a recorded reading in the next day or so. Thanks for stopping by!


It appears as though my microphone is broken so no recording for a bit. The good news is that I should be rolling out a new poem soon. I won’t put a day on it because apparently I’m terrible at keeping to commitments like that.


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