Unjustly Targeted

Unjustly Targeted

Why am I the target

For your anger

Your frustration

Your display of dissatisfaction

With some obscure event

That I wasn’t even involved in


I wasn’t the one who made you late

Or wrote you up

Or pulled you over

Or made your drink

Unlike you think

It really should have been made


And yet here we are

With me being verbally berated for something that’s never bothered you before

You set your sights on me

Loaded your mouth

And fired a volley of insults and dis-approvals


Then you expect me to stand tall while you’re busy measuring my shortcomings

As if this undue criticism should have no effect on me

It just blows me away that you don’t realize how painful your words can be

You cut me open and left a scar for the world to see

Yet somehow you can’t see it


And the worst part is, when you’re done venting

Tired of beating this dead horse

You get to walk away free

You get to pack up everything that was bothering you and saddle it up on me

So I become the unwilling beast of burden for your excess baggage


Then, you leave me behind

Abandoned in the wake of your wanton destruction

Casting me aside as if I was nothin’

If you’re expecting the next time we meet for everything to be just fine

Know that it won’t be

I’ll still be hurt

Bearing your burden in my pain


But I don’t seek revenge, or even an apology

I just want you to know the pain that you’ve caused me

So the next time you are ready to vent at the expense of another

Know just how damaging your words can be

And watch where you point that thing


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