Bemoaning A Good Life

Bemoaning A Good Life

I have a great life

I’m really quite blessed

I may not have it all, but there are those who have less

Yet, despite my great fortune to have what I’ve got

I gripe and complain as if I’ve forgot

That I don’t deserve anything in life

I’m not entitled, I don’t have the right

The world isn’t here to serve my wants and desires

Even if I often act as if it were

I’ll complain that I can’t afford to buy name brand

When there are families who would love to have just a can

Of anything at all, even if it’s expired

I’ll complain that when I speak, nobody listens

When there are protesters who speak and then are sent to prisons

Just because their government felt the pressure

I’ll complain that I don’t have enough free time

When there are farmers spending months for the food I dine

Using their free time to eat or sleep

I’ll complain that my boss doesn’t understand my needs

When there are workers making wages that don’t even feed

Their family at large, so they go hungry instead

I’ll complain that my life isn’t going the way I planned it

When there are some behind bars for one misunderstandment

Denied liberty for life for a single mistake

I could continue pointing out that my complains are unjustified

But I think you get the point

I just wish I did too

I wish I could remind myself everyday

That I should be grateful for what I have

Always joyful, thankful and glad

Sadly, I know I will soon forget

Then be back to

complaining, griping

bemoaning and whining

about my



This poem was inspired by my personal complaints. I find myself complaining about trivial things, when there are those who have it much worse and are happier. With the new year just around the corner we should all remember how blessed we are. That no matter what life hands to us we should be grateful for what we have. The first step to a positive life is a positive perspective.


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