Entertainment Addict

Entertainment Addict

Loss of feeling, my feet are tingling

I’ve been sitting here without reason


Another show, another hour

Slowly my life loses meaning


In the blink of an eye, eight hours have passed

And I didn’t feel a second

I’d turn away, avert my eyes

But it calls to me, it beckons


“Just a little bit longer, you don’t need much sleep

I’ll entertain you if you stay”

So I give in once again and my life just stays this way


I can’t remember a dream I’ve had that wasn’t just a rerun

Or a highlight reel of the games I’ve played searching for some fun

I don’t know where my ambition went

But I can take a guess

It might have something to do with a problem I have yet to confess


I’m addicted to entertainment


There I said it, I just can’t get enough

If I go too long without I’ll get the shakes

My body aches and I’ll quake until I get the stuff


It’s gotten so bad that I’d rather watch life up on the silver screen

Instead of trying to live my own as a human being


It’s so much easier to watch someone else live life

Than to suffer through it myself

Or to play a game with written rules

Where I don’t have the chance to make a fool

Of myself when I unwittingly break the norms

And go against the grain

Each time I make a mistake.

Oh, my show is back on, that’s all the time I have

Until the next commercial break.


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