Resolved to Fail

Resolved to Fail

I’ve made my resolution

Of how to embrace the coming year

A little late but that’s alright

As I’m planning to fail this year



Without being afraid of the repercussions

If I happen to fall far short of perfection

I refuse to base my entire self worth

On any planned reduction



Or any additions for that matter


It matters not if I’d like to lose weight

Or spend less time being lazy

I know I’ll fail regardless

No matter what the case is



Which brings me to my second commitment

The only other one I’ll make

That no matter how many times I try

No matter how many attempts I take

Regardless if discouragement comes my way

Despite the words that people may say



For every failure I accomplish this year

I will try again



I’ll get back up and give it my all

Even if I’ve hit the wall

No matter how hard I fall



I will rise to try again



Time will tell if I can keep this up

At least I have some certainty

I know I’ll be able to do at least half

As for the other, we will see



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