Anniversary/Valentines Poem

I wrote this poem for my wife, for our anniversary and Valentines Day.


Three Blissful Years

Three years, three years

Three blissful years

Three years before we were filled with emotion

Excitement, uncertainty and unfailing devotion

Since then we’ve had trials and we’ll certainly have more

But always


You I adore


Our troubles have brought us closer together

By now we’ve become two birds of a feather

Alike in our differences as we learn evermore

Continually I learn, why it’s you I adore


These last three years have flown on by

My oh my, how time does fly

But no matter how fast time seems to speed

I will always know that you I need

The one I long to come home to each night

Or lay beside as we turn out the lights

I know we will have our share of fights

As we kick and scream and sometimes bite

It doesn’t matter which one is right

In the end it always turns out alright


So as we celebrate this day

And Valentine’s day which follows it too

Know that no matter what we face

I will forever and always love you


P.S. I am still here and still writing, my extended hiatus is because I can never seem to find the time to write at this point in my life.
Thanks for stopping by!


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