There’s a drug

Just one in particular

Which alters moods

Is heavily abused

Is one people are fickle of


It’s called caffeine

And we seem to need it

To get up or get at it

To get out of bed

To lift the fog from our weary heads

That has stuck around since our last fix


We need it for motivation

Self medication for sleep deprivation

To boost our mood

Or simply just to pass the time


But when we have it we feel alive

The world moves faster, the sky is clearer

And every moment seems that much realer

Our focus is sharper, our memory improves

It’s hard to imagine what caffeine can’t do


Which is why it comes in many forms

From coffee to tea

To water we seed

With chemicals engineered to mimic it’s effects


It’s to the point where we’ve become obsessed

With this empty energy as we think we can keep

Going and going without a wink of sleep

Until our deficit of sleep becomes too deep

So we close our eyes as we suddenly crash

Or consume enough for a heart attack


The thought is really quite profound

That either we make ourselves slow down

Or life will do it for us

-Inspired by a very strong cup of coffee


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