I was told no

Which I promptly ignored

I had no obvious reason

No bone to pick, not a grudge to hold

Yet I still went against what I was told


I still defied the authority

Despite it’s power over me


Perhaps it was curiosity

A desire to know the consequence

To act out and then repent

Like a child seeking to discover their world

By acting in a way that seems absurd


Perhaps it was a deeper desire

Subtle urges, smoldering fires

A cause for the effect that was my decision

It’s memory repressed and carefully hidden

Seeking revenge for a past transgression

Only in hindsight will there be a confession


Perhaps it was to find the line

The line held in the authorities mind

Finding exactly where this line was drawn

Demotes the authority to a simple pawn

As approaching the line but not crossing it

Gives you much more without any losses


Or maybe

Just maybe

It was because I was told no

Without anyone taking the time to show

Me the consequences and the reasons behind the rule

Believe their authority to be absolute

It may seem strange asking you to explain

That which you’ve always naturally retained


But I’m not the same


I did not live my life in your shoes

Not for one day was I ever you

So giving me no without a single regard

Is hard, it’s hard

Nothing less than hard


Its hard for me to grasp where you’re coming from

Hard for me to understand your decision

Hard for me to blindly follow

Its hard for me to believe what seems hollow


I realize I went against what I was told

And you must be thinking this is getting old

That I have no hope to ever change

Forever and always remaining the same


But if instead of simply saying no

You gave me more beyond what you’ve just told

Giving me the reason you denied my request

Then maybe I can give you reason to forget

The person I’ve been, full of defiance

When it’s replaced by heartfelt compliance


Deep down inside, while I may not agree

If you take the time to help me see

You will see exactly who I can be




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