Caring Wife


As a man I try to be strong

Always trying to care form myself

It takes a lot to admit I need help

Sometimes though, I’m like anyone else


Well, more often than I’d like to admit


When I need help I turn to my spouse

Never planning on needing assistance

I do not plan on bringing problems with us


It just happens

Like anything in life


It makes me grateful for my amazing wife

She cares for me in my times of need

Sacrificing herself for the care I receive

Its hard to believe that she would care for me

When she has her own list of unmet needs


But she does and I”m grateful

More than she’ll ever know

She deserves more gratitude

Than I can ever show


So I write this poem straight from my heart

For my wife who goes beyond the part

Caring for me, well exceeding

The minimum care I actually needed


Life is not easy and I can’t always help

But in sickness and in health

I wouldn’t live it with anyone else



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