Let me be honest, I’m experiencing stress

It’s not the type of stress that I can’t affect

I alone have control over the task

I get to decide to take it slow or fast


Yet I’m at a standstill

I’ll work on it, I will


But, I don’t have time now

I’m busy stressing out

Trying not to scream or shout

As to not let anyone else

See the stress, that has come over me


This is never going to get done

Pay no mind to what I could’ve done

Had I spent less time fretting

With more time spent getting it done


At this point it might be best to let it go

Leave unfinished what was not completed

And reap the seeds that were sown

Even if they were improperly seeded


In the end there can be two results

Either success miraculously justifies the stress

Vindicating what seemed to be unproductive

Or failure comes knocking judging the mess


Either way the seeds have been sown

And … I was supposed to turn this in two minutes ago



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