The You That You Are

The You That You Are

No turning back

Not after what’s done

You cannot run

The truth you confine

It shapes and defines


The you that you are


Mistakes and missteps

Success or neglect

Lest we forget

The path you paved

In turn made


The you that you are


Worthless self-worth

No one deserving

There is no earning

Or finding how to

Have a reason to value


The you that you are

The ideal too far


You need to know though

You are unique

But the pain you keep

Distorts the you that you could be


As if pain and the future are one in the same

But it doesn’t have to be

Who you will see


Permanent penance

Can give way to grace

Stopping the race

To force repentance


You cannot fix what’s been done

The past can’t change

But the future remains

Self-worth in the rising sun


With each new day

You must know that

No matter where you’re at

You have a say deciding


The you that you are

The you that you will see

And the you, you’re bound to be


This poem was inspired by a co-worker of mine struggling with self-worth. Something I believe we all experience in one form or another.


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