My foot slams down over the passing tread

Only to land on the tread ahead

Faster and faster the tread seems to slip

As if I am the one it’s trying to trip


Never the less, I continue on

My feet hitting the tread to the beat of a song

A beat which is matched by my gasps for air

So loud it can make the most modest stare


With each gasp I can feel my weakness leave

Also my strength – and maybe my spleen

Though organs aside I continue to try

To best this tread that continues to fly


It flies in the face of my prideful self

My body showing signs that it needs my help

My face is bright red and covered in sweat

And my legs can’t take much more I bet

I don’t know the number of breaths I can take

If I continue running at this desperate pace


See this tread was set in motion by a notion

That I was or at least could be fit

Yet evidenced by my failing body it might be best if I just quit


I’d wave a white flag and put my hands in the air

If I knew for one second that this treadmill would care

Instead I’ll give it something it understand

The press of a button, a stopping command


But before I have the chance to give up completely

The treadmill suddenly stops

The screen flashes green with “workout completed”

And I’m left incredibly stumped


I’m not sure if I should be happy

That I made it to my goal

Or if I should be upset at myself

With how close I came to fold


I only know that my fate will be shared

By the next person who is so bold

As to set foot on these here treads

With their own personal workout goals


While they may not share my emotional distress

Every step will put their will to the test

As when it is easy to give up so quick

It can be hard to convince yourself not to just quit





I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since I last posted on this blog. Life has been busy as always and even more so of late. I hope you enjoy this work and thanks for stopping by.


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