Give Me A Chance

Give me a chance
Don’t walk away
Please just hear what I have to say

Give me a chance
Don’t turn your back
I know I have something that you might lack

Give me a chance
Don’t drown me out
I want to talk but if I have to I’ll shout

GIVE me a chance
…Just for  a moment
And then you can pretend that you don’t even know me

Give me a chance
Before you ‘think’ you know
When I haven’t even been given the opportunity to show you

Who I really am

We’ve only just met, less than a minute
Yet you’ve already decided who I am and pinned it
To the front of your mind to continually remind you
Of how you first thought of me

And it doesn’t matter if after this we’re friends
Because the time for impressions has come to an end
That image of me has been burned in your brain
And though I’d like it to, it’s not likely to change
Everything will be colored by how you first felt
The dice have been cast, the cards have been dealt
And the best hand that I could possibly receive
Is five years from now having you say to me
I’m glad you didn’t turn out the way I thought you’d be.
But the most common hand that I’m going to get
Is one awkward look, and then you’ll quickly forget that you ever could have known me

I just want a chance, that’s my confession
Instead I’m boiled down to one first impression
And that moment I asked for has long ago passed
You dealt me my hand and I came in last

My consolation prize being the look in your eyes
As you wait for me to disengage and walk away so you don’t appear rude

Well, I’ll return your awkward look with half of a wave
And never understand why it has to be this way.