I was told no

Which I promptly ignored

I had no obvious reason

No bone to pick, not a grudge to hold

Yet I still went against what I was told


I still defied the authority

Despite it’s power over me


Perhaps it was curiosity

A desire to know the consequence

To act out and then repent

Like a child seeking to discover their world

By acting in a way that seems absurd


Perhaps it was a deeper desire

Subtle urges, smoldering fires

A cause for the effect that was my decision

It’s memory repressed and carefully hidden

Seeking revenge for a past transgression

Only in hindsight will there be a confession


Perhaps it was to find the line

The line held in the authorities mind

Finding exactly where this line was drawn

Demotes the authority to a simple pawn

As approaching the line but not crossing it

Gives you much more without any losses


Or maybe

Just maybe

It was because I was told no

Without anyone taking the time to show

Me the consequences and the reasons behind the rule

Believe their authority to be absolute

It may seem strange asking you to explain

That which you’ve always naturally retained


But I’m not the same


I did not live my life in your shoes

Not for one day was I ever you

So giving me no without a single regard

Is hard, it’s hard

Nothing less than hard


Its hard for me to grasp where you’re coming from

Hard for me to understand your decision

Hard for me to blindly follow

Its hard for me to believe what seems hollow


I realize I went against what I was told

And you must be thinking this is getting old

That I have no hope to ever change

Forever and always remaining the same


But if instead of simply saying no

You gave me more beyond what you’ve just told

Giving me the reason you denied my request

Then maybe I can give you reason to forget

The person I’ve been, full of defiance

When it’s replaced by heartfelt compliance


Deep down inside, while I may not agree

If you take the time to help me see

You will see exactly who I can be






There’s a drug

Just one in particular

Which alters moods

Is heavily abused

Is one people are fickle of


It’s called caffeine

And we seem to need it

To get up or get at it

To get out of bed

To lift the fog from our weary heads

That has stuck around since our last fix


We need it for motivation

Self medication for sleep deprivation

To boost our mood

Or simply just to pass the time


But when we have it we feel alive

The world moves faster, the sky is clearer

And every moment seems that much realer

Our focus is sharper, our memory improves

It’s hard to imagine what caffeine can’t do


Which is why it comes in many forms

From coffee to tea

To water we seed

With chemicals engineered to mimic it’s effects


It’s to the point where we’ve become obsessed

With this empty energy as we think we can keep

Going and going without a wink of sleep

Until our deficit of sleep becomes too deep

So we close our eyes as we suddenly crash

Or consume enough for a heart attack


The thought is really quite profound

That either we make ourselves slow down

Or life will do it for us

-Inspired by a very strong cup of coffee

Anniversary/Valentines Poem

I wrote this poem for my wife, for our anniversary and Valentines Day.


Three Blissful Years

Three years, three years

Three blissful years

Three years before we were filled with emotion

Excitement, uncertainty and unfailing devotion

Since then we’ve had trials and we’ll certainly have more

But always


You I adore


Our troubles have brought us closer together

By now we’ve become two birds of a feather

Alike in our differences as we learn evermore

Continually I learn, why it’s you I adore


These last three years have flown on by

My oh my, how time does fly

But no matter how fast time seems to speed

I will always know that you I need

The one I long to come home to each night

Or lay beside as we turn out the lights

I know we will have our share of fights

As we kick and scream and sometimes bite

It doesn’t matter which one is right

In the end it always turns out alright


So as we celebrate this day

And Valentine’s day which follows it too

Know that no matter what we face

I will forever and always love you


P.S. I am still here and still writing, my extended hiatus is because I can never seem to find the time to write at this point in my life.
Thanks for stopping by!

Resolved to Fail

Resolved to Fail

I’ve made my resolution

Of how to embrace the coming year

A little late but that’s alright

As I’m planning to fail this year



Without being afraid of the repercussions

If I happen to fall far short of perfection

I refuse to base my entire self worth

On any planned reduction



Or any additions for that matter


It matters not if I’d like to lose weight

Or spend less time being lazy

I know I’ll fail regardless

No matter what the case is



Which brings me to my second commitment

The only other one I’ll make

That no matter how many times I try

No matter how many attempts I take

Regardless if discouragement comes my way

Despite the words that people may say



For every failure I accomplish this year

I will try again



I’ll get back up and give it my all

Even if I’ve hit the wall

No matter how hard I fall



I will rise to try again



Time will tell if I can keep this up

At least I have some certainty

I know I’ll be able to do at least half

As for the other, we will see


Entertainment Addict

Entertainment Addict

Loss of feeling, my feet are tingling

I’ve been sitting here without reason


Another show, another hour

Slowly my life loses meaning


In the blink of an eye, eight hours have passed

And I didn’t feel a second

I’d turn away, avert my eyes

But it calls to me, it beckons


“Just a little bit longer, you don’t need much sleep

I’ll entertain you if you stay”

So I give in once again and my life just stays this way


I can’t remember a dream I’ve had that wasn’t just a rerun

Or a highlight reel of the games I’ve played searching for some fun

I don’t know where my ambition went

But I can take a guess

It might have something to do with a problem I have yet to confess


I’m addicted to entertainment


There I said it, I just can’t get enough

If I go too long without I’ll get the shakes

My body aches and I’ll quake until I get the stuff


It’s gotten so bad that I’d rather watch life up on the silver screen

Instead of trying to live my own as a human being


It’s so much easier to watch someone else live life

Than to suffer through it myself

Or to play a game with written rules

Where I don’t have the chance to make a fool

Of myself when I unwittingly break the norms

And go against the grain

Each time I make a mistake.

Oh, my show is back on, that’s all the time I have

Until the next commercial break.

Bemoaning A Good Life

Bemoaning A Good Life

I have a great life

I’m really quite blessed

I may not have it all, but there are those who have less

Yet, despite my great fortune to have what I’ve got

I gripe and complain as if I’ve forgot

That I don’t deserve anything in life

I’m not entitled, I don’t have the right

The world isn’t here to serve my wants and desires

Even if I often act as if it were

I’ll complain that I can’t afford to buy name brand

When there are families who would love to have just a can

Of anything at all, even if it’s expired

I’ll complain that when I speak, nobody listens

When there are protesters who speak and then are sent to prisons

Just because their government felt the pressure

I’ll complain that I don’t have enough free time

When there are farmers spending months for the food I dine

Using their free time to eat or sleep

I’ll complain that my boss doesn’t understand my needs

When there are workers making wages that don’t even feed

Their family at large, so they go hungry instead

I’ll complain that my life isn’t going the way I planned it

When there are some behind bars for one misunderstandment

Denied liberty for life for a single mistake

I could continue pointing out that my complains are unjustified

But I think you get the point

I just wish I did too

I wish I could remind myself everyday

That I should be grateful for what I have

Always joyful, thankful and glad

Sadly, I know I will soon forget

Then be back to

complaining, griping

bemoaning and whining

about my



This poem was inspired by my personal complaints. I find myself complaining about trivial things, when there are those who have it much worse and are happier. With the new year just around the corner we should all remember how blessed we are. That no matter what life hands to us we should be grateful for what we have. The first step to a positive life is a positive perspective.

Unjustly Targeted

Unjustly Targeted

Why am I the target

For your anger

Your frustration

Your display of dissatisfaction

With some obscure event

That I wasn’t even involved in


I wasn’t the one who made you late

Or wrote you up

Or pulled you over

Or made your drink

Unlike you think

It really should have been made


And yet here we are

With me being verbally berated for something that’s never bothered you before

You set your sights on me

Loaded your mouth

And fired a volley of insults and dis-approvals


Then you expect me to stand tall while you’re busy measuring my shortcomings

As if this undue criticism should have no effect on me

It just blows me away that you don’t realize how painful your words can be

You cut me open and left a scar for the world to see

Yet somehow you can’t see it


And the worst part is, when you’re done venting

Tired of beating this dead horse

You get to walk away free

You get to pack up everything that was bothering you and saddle it up on me

So I become the unwilling beast of burden for your excess baggage


Then, you leave me behind

Abandoned in the wake of your wanton destruction

Casting me aside as if I was nothin’

If you’re expecting the next time we meet for everything to be just fine

Know that it won’t be

I’ll still be hurt

Bearing your burden in my pain


But I don’t seek revenge, or even an apology

I just want you to know the pain that you’ve caused me

So the next time you are ready to vent at the expense of another

Know just how damaging your words can be

And watch where you point that thing