Why Blog?

Why write wakeful words when wasteful words won

Starting this blog made me think, why another blog? There are many out there, with so many different viewpoints why should the internet have another? Even more many of these blogs are filled with utter nonsense, yet I wish to write insightful and thought provoking text.

Many years ago when I was still in my teenage years I came to a revelation. You can have amazing discoveries, life changing moments, ideas that could alter the world in its entirety yet if you don’t share them with anyone they are lost. They become but a ‘nice’ thought, a pipe dream, a bump in the road, a memory that forever will be only just that; a memory. They lose the ability to transform their surroundings. Their potency is diluted with an overwhelming sense of apathy and for the rest of your life it stays in the realm of ‘The Could Have Been.’

That being said there is much more that helps one achieving in life than simply sharing with others. Yet if you don’t share these thoughts at one point or another to someone you invite apathy to share your mind instead.

Despite this life changing idea life quickly pushed it back into my mind, to be buried until now. As a new father trying to find my direction in life I revisited my old thoughts. Though I don’t always have the time or presence of mind to share my thoughts I believe this blog is an excellent way to start.

Between me, my son and my wife this journey called life has but begun. I invite you to share my thoughts.

After blogging I realized that I could achieve my desire to share my thoughts and musings with others in a fashion that is both powerful and inspiring. Poetry. I plan on writing as much of it as I am able.


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